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“I had one point of contact that handled everything, all the writing and research behind the scenes. This made it easy, as we didn’t have to negotiate with different writers and editors”

Director of Marketing, Evernote

Easily Train Composer On Your Brand

Composer becomes your brand's custom AI. We crawl your website and automatically capture your brand voice. You can also upload marketing materials and Composer will get trained on your business. From there, Composer writes perfect blog posts and social media posts that you can be proud to publish.

Topic and Keyword Ideas

Composer suggests topics and keywords to write about. You can also add in any keywords you want and Composer will start writing thoughtful blog posts for you.

Choose a Perspective

Composer takes the hassle out of blog writing. Choose from several ideas that Composer proposes to you. Gone are the days of having to come up with ideas on your own.

Writer Persona

Select the tone of each article. Composer is your ghost writer. Simply select the tone that your article is written in by choosing a writer persona.

Publish Your Custom Article

Publishing your content is a breeze with Composer. We publish each article to your blog and promote your blog content to your social channels to drive traffic and boost engagement from your audience.

Publish to all of your social media channels in one account.






“We’ve been tracking our traffic, and comparing it to competitors. We are beating our competition, which is great. We can attribute that to the new SEO strategies we’re trying with Composer. They’ve been able to save us a lot of time”

Hayden Witt, Product Manager, Savi Solutions
Maintain a consistent brand voice across all platforms, reinforcing your brand identity.

Content that speaks in your brand’s voice your custom voice resonates more with your audience, driving engagement.

Reduce the time and expense of content creation while maintaining high quality brand alignment.
Now that's content marketing at scale!
Ownership of the articles you create
SEO and Readability Ranking Score
Your content marketing production and voice in your market
Human-Written Articles That we trained Our AI On
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